• Expertise and Support Every Step of the Way

    Running a successful restaurant or foodservice business is no small feat. That's why we're here to provide you with the expertise and support you need to thrive. From guidance on selecting the right products to troubleshooting issues, we're committed to being your trusted partner.

  • Delivering Quality Ingredients to Your Doorstep

    As a food and restaurant supply distributor, we know the importance of using high-quality ingredients to create delicious and memorable dishes. That's why we're committed to sourcing only the best products and delivering them straight to your restaurant or business.

  • Unbeatable Selection and Competitive Prices

    At Dr Fish INC, we believe that having access to a wide range of products shouldn't mean sacrificing affordability. That's why we offer unbeatable selection and competitive prices on everything from kitchen essentials to specialty ingredients.

About Dr. Fish, Inc

Welcome to Dr. Fish, Inc your trusted food and restaurant supply distributor. At Dr. Fish, Inc we’re passionate about providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service to our clients.

Founded in 2005, Dr. Fish, Inc has been serving the food service industry for 18 years. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for reliability, flexibility, and personalized service. Our mission is to help our clients succeed by providing the products, expertise, and support they need to run their businesses effectively.

Raw tuna steak. Raw fish meat.

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Raw tuna steak. Raw fish meat.

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